Florida Life- De Leon Springs, Florida

For my daughter’s eighth birthday this year, I took her to De Leon State Park for a day of swimming, learning, and pancakes! My daughter had never visited a spring before which had to be fixed- especially being a Floridian. It’s a totally different experience than a trip to the beach. We felt more submersed in nature and Florida history and had a blast playing in the sun. Here’s what we did, what we saw, and what you should know if you too would like to jump in the spring known as “The Fountain of Youth”

Before any trip, I did my research. The spring is open 365 days a year, open at 8AM-sunset, and costs $6 per vehicle. The park has a designated swimming area which is 500 feet in circumference and the water is a crisp 72 degrees, but if you go on a hot-summer day, the cool water is a welcome relief on you sun-kissed skin. Separating the swimming area from the gorgeous Spring Garden Run is a concrete walkway that leads to rental area, Eco/Heritage Boat Tour, and small history room. The swimming area was not too deep for myself so we rented one raft for my daughter, brought our towels, checked out the concession stand for a snack, road the boat tour, took a quick tour of the museum on site, and dined at the Old Spanish Museum.

Rentals Fees

Canoe & Kayak Rentals: $22 first hour; $11 for each additional hour
Single Kayak:$15 first hour; $7.50 for each additional hour
Tubes: $5 all-day

Eco/Heritage Bout Tour

For $15 per person, the tour is a 45 minute long boat ride and gives you the opportunity to see some beautfiul, native flora and fauna. We saw plenty of gators swimming by our boat and they boast potential sightings of otters, manatees, deer, osprey, bald eagles, sandhill cranes and black bear. I’d have to say, this was the most informative tour i’ve been on. From the history of the park and how its changed over the years to the medicianal uses of marsh plants, I felt I learned a lot. My favorite bit of history were about mallow flowers that native Americans used to make marshmallows.

History Museum

The history museum was a very small room with a few children running around as they took a small break from enjoying the spring. Despite its size, I did enjoy reading about the Mayaca who lived at the location for at least 6,000 years. The spring has a unique history with involvement in the Civil War before becoming a tourist attraction. In the early 1900’s, there was a hotel and casino at the site and even a passing circus with a water skiing elephant!

Building on far side of the spring with bathrooms and small history room

Old Spanish Mill Restaurant

As I’m writing this entree, I just learned the Old Spanish Mill is official closed as of September 12! I am both sad to learn such a wonderful and fun piece of history is gone but I also feel so blessed we got to experience it. The restaurant is located in a 100-year-old replica of the 1830s sugar mill, features cook-your-own pancakes at the table and freshly made bread and cookies.  We loved making our own pancakes on the table griddle and topping with chocolate chips and homemade peanut butter.

Old Spanish Mill Restaurant

What To Know Before You Go

Visiting a spring is a nice change from the beach. I felt very safe with my daughter in the water with no rip currents to be wary off and a clear sepration from the spring for anyone worried about access from alligators. It was a busy summer day but still felt we had a comfortable distance from other visitors.

Bring what you would typically bring to the beach (towels, sunscreen, tube, packed lunch, water) but some visitors may feel umcomfortable with the natural growth on the spring’s floors so I’d consider bringing water shoes as some spots are very slippery. A person that day told me she slipped on the steps going in and injuried herself so severely, they had to call their trip short early so be cautious! Otherwise, pack up a lunch and the kids to check out a spring before the last of Florida’s heat has passed!

De Leon Springs State Park

Lookout Mountain

Our winter road trip started with a trip to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This mountain is home to three amazing attractions; Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Incline Railway. Be ready with some comfy walking shoes because you will be climbing to the peak for epic views of Tennessee valley, delve deep underground into the mountain to witness hidden, natural wonders, and go for a ride through history up the side of Lookout Mountain.

Rock City

There is just something magical about Rock City. It is a nature trail that is 1700 feet above sea level with a 4,100-foot Enchanted Trail with twisting walkways through beautiful rock formations, woods, and gardens. While there you can also view the 100-foot waterfall known as Lover’s Leap, cross the 200-foot Swing-A-Long Bridge, and explore the Fairytale Caverns created by founder, Frieda Utermoehlen Carter who was influenced by her love for European folklore.  At the very top, you can also enjoy the Flag Court and See Seven States while enjoying a beverage or snack from their café. This location is so whimsical and I kept getting Tolkien vibes on the trails.

Tickets were $24.95 for adults and $14.95 for children.

See Rock City Website

Ruby Falls

I’m going to start off by saying that I am fascinated by caves so the thought of descending 260 feet underground to walk nearly 3 miles to see the tallest and deepened underground waterfall in the United States did not faze me…so long as I didn’t think too hard about it. Our tour guide was funny, friendly, and informative. They have you watch a very motivational movie right before your tour begins which is about Leo Lambert who accidentally discovered the falls in 1928 and named it after his wife, Ruby. Watch it! It was actually well done and helped you envision what it must have been like to crawl into a mountain only to find a waterfall. Along the way, you will see some fascinating cave formations, and finally, the falls themselves deep within the mountain.

Tickets for the Cave Walk to Falls Tour were $24.95 for adults and $13.95 for children (3-12)

Ruby Falls Website

Incline Railway

The last stop was the Incline Railway which takes you in a railway car to the top of Lookout Mountain on what is one of the steepest inclines (72.7% grade) in the world. Known as “America’s Most Amazing Mile”, the Incline has carried millions of riders from around the world in complete safety since 1895.  A ride on the incline is about 15 minutes in each direction and you will learn the history of the area as you take in beautiful views. There is a gift shop at the top but we explored the neighborhood surrounding the top of the mountain which led us to Point Park, a National Park and battlefield during the Civil War. We enjoyed the ride, the views, and learning about the technical endeavors of history.

Tickets are $15.00 roundtrip for adults, $7.00 for children (ages 3-12). There is metered parking at both the bottom and top.

Ride The Incline Website

Travel Tips for Lookout Mountain

I have visited Rocky City and Ruby Falls twice now. First when my daughter was 4 and again when she was 7 and we loved it both times. I also took her by myself during the first trip and felt very safe doing it. This is what I would recommend to anyone planning to explore Lookout Mountain.

  • Be prepared for lots of walking and wear comfortable shoes and socks.
  • I would not recommend bringing a stroller to Rock City or Ruby Falls due to some very tight spots and lots of stairs.
  • For Rock City, I would go as early as possible (opens at 8:30AM) to take my time and enjoy the beauty and magical vibes of the trails in peace.
  • Plan a nap in the middle of the day to keep little ones’ energy up if you plan to do multiple attractions on the same day.
  • I always bring a small backpack with me for snacks, drinks, band-aids, a place for discarded clothing, and a small toy for bored or fussing emergencies.
  • Some locations still require you buy tickets before showing up so make sure to check the website before your trip.

Family Roadtrip- Tips for Winter Travel in the Smoky Mountains

Our first family road trip that created some of the most amazing memories as a family, all started when my husband got talked into sitting through a timeshare presentation. Long story short, my husband was at a Bass Pro Shop and Blue-Green Resorts offered a deal for a 3 days, 2 nights stay at any resort in the country BUT you have to sit through a timeshare presentation first. I was pretty apprehensive, to say the least, and we actually sat on the credits for almost a year before using them, but we were desperately overdue for a vacation.

Since the start of the pandemic, my husband and I hadn’t had more than 3 consecutive days off at the same time for the past 2 years with the exception of someone’s death, being a caregiver for a sick family member, or having COVID- none of which was very relaxing. I think we could tackle a little timeshare presentation if it meant getting away for a while.

Being Floridians, we actually enjoy going on trips during fall and winter. We also love off-season so we can explore more and there are fewer crowds. That led us to our decision to drive up to Chattanooga, Tennessee followed by Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area, before finishing up with a stop in Kentucky for what would be a week-long road-trip for a chilly mountain getaway.

First Family RoadTrip

A Floridian’s Tips for Hiking in Winter

As I mentioned before, my husband and I are born and raised Floridians, and we still get overly excited about snow and mountains so we planned to explore National Parks and get out in nature.  We did our research and had a great, safe time.  Here are some tips for beach bums like us who want to hike chilly in February weather in the mountains.

  • Wear Layers– I did so much research on what to wear! I was so nervous about my 7-year-old and could already imagine her crying about being cold so I asked everyone I knew for tips. The reoccurring mantra was “wear layers” so you can always add or take away if you get too cold or hot. I did invest in a thermal layer for both my daughter and me to wear under our clothes. We then finished with a nice insulated jacket and we were fine all week.
  • Accessories– I am so thankful I got snow gloves. We came across ice and snow, and having the resistant gloves to keep my hands dry was a game-changer for me. I felt like, so long as my hands were warm, I was fine. I also found this multi-pack of face masks on Amazon that really helped keep my nose warm. Lastly, everyone said wool socks are the way to go.
  • Snacks– Do not forget water and snacks! I bring a small backpack that is comfortable but I can at least hold water bottles and some light snacks while hiking. Even though it’s cold, it’s still important to stay hydrated. Also, walking can take a lot out of you, and my blood sugar will keep dropping when I’m too excited to remember to eat. My go-to snack is dried apricots for quick carbohydrates but granola bars, fruit, and nuts make convenient snacks too.
  • Hiking Staff– These are not a necessity but they can be useful and fun. My little family each got a unique wooden stick from a local National Park that had a sale but you can purchase metal trekking poles as well. These can be useful for walking on uneven ground and help with posture and balance. Lastly, most National Parks sell these collectible hiking staff medallions you can add to your staff as a little souvenir!
  • Extra Warmth– Another reoccurring tip was to bring a thermos with hot soup or cocoa to drink. Adults and kids would appreciate a warm and comforting treat after a long, chilly day. My friend also gave me some heated pads that can be kept in pockets for added warmth.
  • Do Your Research– We have taken on a few hikes that were pretty challenging. Play it save and research your hike first to see if you and your little ones are safe and prepared. Try AllTrails which helps find local trails and breaks them down by difficulty levels. It’s a great way to get out in the wild while playing it safe.  

What are your tips for chilly trips? Next up, I’ll share some amazing spots to check out in Tennessee.

Weekend Fun: Jet Puffed Hot Cocoa Bomb Kit and Gelli Baff Slime Reviews

I have made it a personal goal to be a more present mother. To me that means putting down the phone, letting go of some control, and embracing a little mess if it means making memories. This is what led me to finally say “Yes!” to try out two fun activities this past weekend. We tried our hands at the Jet-Puffed Hot Cocoa Bomb Kit and jumped in Gelli Baff Slime. Were they worth the mess? Here are my thoughts on them both.

To start off, Jet Puffed Hot Cocoa Bomb Kit was about $12 and the kit makes 12 fair-sized cocoa bombs which I found reasonable. Up until now, I had never tried making my own cocoa bombs because they seemed a bit complex so I’m glad we gave this kit a try. The kit provided us we everything we needed for 12 bombs even when I thought we were going to run out of chocolate, and the instructions were straightforward. We definitely feel confident that we could make them again!

My favorite part of the kit was the huge bottle of Jet Puffed mini marshmallows meant to fill the bombs as well as decorate with. Yes, they are just like the mini marshmallows in kids cereals and we could not stop eating them. This kit definitely requires oversight by an adult but I was pretty impressed seeing my daughter carefully pull chocolate shells from the mold without breaking a single one. And if you do break any (like I did) you can just melt it down and try again. We had to be extra and pulled out our own collections of sprinkles, but once we were down decorating, the final results were adorable! The only drawback is the actual hot cocoa came out very mild. Next time, I would like to add some additional cocoa powder to the bomb for a smoother hot chocolate.

Zoe has been begging me to Gelli Baff for weeks. I kept imaging it would be like slime- the bane of existence and plague of carpets or anything fabric I love in my house. After actually reading the box though, I decided to give it a try and see if the clean-up process was truly as simple as they claimed. The product comes with 2 servings of Gelli Baff and claims it will make a jelly-like Slime in a small amount of bathwater that is fun, safe, not toxic, and easy to clean. We filled the tub up just about 2” of water and added the green powder. After stirring, we let the mixture sit and saw the thin water solidify almost instantly. Together, we dug through the bath-water-now-turned- muck, just laughing at the oddity of it. We then added a bit more water as instructed which gave it a smoother, slimier texture before my daughter jumped in to play. She had a blast and her attention was held for maybe an hour before reckoning was finally near. The clean-up process started by adding Step Two, a white powder that was to be mixed in the slime and resulted with it once again becoming more of a liquid. There was still some spotty, Slime texture to the water, but once I removed the drain and splashed some cold water down the tub, Gelli Baff was gone! Pleasantly surprised by the level of fun we received as well and the simplicity of clean-up.

Top 3 Movie Picks for a Nerdy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is near and it’s time to come up with something romantic – fast- that doesn’t break the bank. Fancy dinners and events are lovely but sometimes spending a night in can make a more lasting impression. If you are like me, and prefer something a little more adventurous than the typical love story, check out my top three picks for a nerdy evening at home.

Love Movies for the Nerd in Your Life 🍿

Warm Bodies

It’s the classic love story- undead boy meets girl and falls in love but struggles with their relationship in a dangerous world. No, it’s not Twilight, it’s Warm Bodies, the only zombie love story of its kind. It’s exciting and funny with a twist, unlike any zombie movie I’ve seen. I know movies can give unrealistic expectations about changing people but this is the situation it’s probably best for.

Still a better love story than Twilight

Love and Monsters

Again, not your typical love story and it starts out with a seemingly obvious plot about a boy fueled by love and willing to take on a world full of monsters for the main girl . It turns into a kind of coming of age adventure where the main character learns maybe he had people that loved him all along but had to find himself first. It ends hopeful but the real love story is about the boy and a really cute dog which is what we all really need.

Finding love is tough. Finding love after the apocalypse is tougher.

Scott Pilgrim Versus the World

I realize no one will think this is romantic except me but it’s my favorite movie so it makes the cut. Funny, quirky, with great actors/characters, Scott Pilgrim is the story of Scott who is a bit of a jerk (has the tendency to date and ghost) but meets the girl of his dreams (and sometimes inter-dimensional travel) who also has some dating baggage that comes back to haunt her and fight Scott. Despite the ridiculousness of the story, Scott does develop as a character and faces his own demons (literally) to heal and have a healthy relationship. Plus, the gaming humor is noice.

“Step up your game, Scott. Break out the L-word.”

Don’t Forget the Movie Munchies

Grab your favorite candy and some popcorn before the movie or try something a little fancier. My husband and I like making charcuterie boards together. It becomes a little creative project between the two of us and it’s great to nibble on during the movie. Check out some of my favorite items from Trader Joe’s for ideas below:

– Gyoza

– Egg rolls

– Chocolate Covered Almonds

– Cheese (Goat Cheese with Fine Herbs or Spanish Cheese Tapas Sampler)

– Gourmet Deli Selection (Calabrese Salame, Prosciutto, Capolcollo)

– Cherries

– Sliced Peaches

– Crackers

– Fresh Baked French Bread

– Artichoke dip

Hoggetown Medieval Faire 2022

It’s that time of the year again! The Hoggetowne Medieval Faire has returned to Gainesville, FL! We loaded up the caravan and hit the road for a day at the faire. Due to the pandemic, we haven’t attended the faire since 2019 and my first time attending was in 2009, so I was dying to return and keep the tradition alive. Read on to learn what I love about Hoggetowne and what’s new this year since they moved to their new location.

The faire takes place every year on the last two weekends of January and the first weekend in February. Tickets can be bought the day of but I prefer buying them online. Parking isn’t bad but you may need to be prepared for some walking or you can wait to jump on a small shuttle to the entrance. Adult ticket prices are $20 for a full day of shows, access to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, and just the chance to dress up with other people who love fantasy just as much as you do. It’s well worth the money.

Check out their website for details on time, date, and ticket prices

The new location seems to provide more room for the vendors compared to previous years and I felt the walk from parking to the actual faire was shorter. The website does encourage masks but they are not required. Because it’s outdoors, and there is a lot of room for social distancing, I felt very safe attending the faire. Plus, if you enjoy dressing up like I do, it’s easy to make a mask fit in with a costume for those moments you may get too close to someone.

Another new change to the faire was a scavenger hunt for attendees. We enjoyed finding clues as a family and at the end of the day, my daughter turned in her scorecard for a piece of treasure.

The vendors are full of amazing artists and artisans of some of the most fun medieval-inspired items you can imagine. Expects lots of leather clothing, “magical” trinkets, elf ears, and talismans to choose from. My husband and I agree to buy one pricey item every year for the home or to build up our cosplay game. This year, my husband treated himself to a beautifully made, green vest with gold buttons.

Included in your ticket is the option to watch a wide variety of shows. We hit up the jousting tournament, Da Vinci Brothers comedy show, and the amazing Barely Balanced acrobats! These performers are dedicated to their craft and have been present since I first came years ago. I love it when I get a chance to talk to them and learn about their experiences because their lives are fascinating.

We played some carnival-like games with a medieval flare to them and tried our hands at archery. After some activities, we filled our stomachs with some yummy food, and thankfully they had a vegetarian burrito option. I have to admit, we also love going for the beer! They have two beer tents run by a local brewery, and they really get into the spirit making the tent feel more like a tavern. You can meet some interesting characters there! Ask them for a “bee sting” which is a little shot of mead they’ll add to your beer for a fun twist. Oh and don’t forget to tip! “Huzzah to the tipper!!”

New Year, Who Dis? A Vegetarian?

It’s not uncommon to set healthy resolutions for the new year and my husband and I are no different. Over the years, we’ve developed more of a tradition to start the year with the same resolution-  let’s go vegetarian for as long as we can.

Starting Fresh

I don’t know how it really started but a few years ago my husband decided to start the year off with something more restrictive than say- limiting desserts or eating out less. No, he’s an all-or-nothing kind of guy and finds portion control very difficult. So instead of deciding to eat a little less, he decided to cut out what is probably his favorite foods- meat. He’s a BBQ ribs, smothered chicken, let’s Southern fry this, type of guy so when meat is in front of him, it’s really going down. Maybe that’s why he decided he needs to take the option of meat out entirely in order for him to work on increasing fruit and veggies in his daily life. So here we are again. Vegetarian together and its become a fun challenge to beat the previous years record.

The Grillmaster himself

For anyone considering vegetarian life-style, I encourage you to find your main go-to protein sources first and everything else tends to fall into place. Adding fruits, vegetables, and our favorite grains is the easy part so here are a few tips for figuring out the protein.

Vegetarian Protein Sources


Top of the list has got to go to eggs. We love them and my parents raise chickens so we get farm-fresh on demand. We scramble them, put them in burritos, boil them, make quiche with veggies, and make devilled eggs for snacks. If you are worried about cholesterol, you can always get egg-beaters but since we are cutting out all other animal meat (high in cholesterol and saturated fat), we have reduced cholesterol intake significantly already so we don’t sweat it.

Farm-fresh eggs with beautiful range of colors
Egg bake with veggies is so easy and can be turned into breakfast sandwiches

Soy Crumbles

We love soy crumbles which we use just like we would ground beef, and an added bonus is it’s faster to cook. We use this in sauce for pasta, stir-fry, zucchini boats (baked zucchini shells filled with soy crumbles and cheese),  and even for Shepherd’s pie! It’s fun to experiment with and find new ways to use it in commonly used recipes.


Whenever we go vegetarian, it’s like we remember beans! I can go months without eating them but I find myself running to them once the meat is gone. We can be satisfied with a simple dinner of beans and rice with okra and tomatoes or a great big pot of bean soup which really hits the spot with the cold weather.

Whey Protein

I feel like most people just use whey protein powder in smoothies which is a great idea and we utilize this for breakfast or a quick meal when we don’t feel like cooking, but it can be used in many other ways! We love adding it to pancake mix or oatmeal as a way to pack protein in a meal that otherwise provides mostly carbohydrates.


This is just for me because my husband is adamant about being a strict vegetarian who is okay with dairy and eggs but no meat or fish when he starts his resolution. I on the other hand, have no problem with including fish. Out of respect to him, when I’m not around him, I do tend to include fish or shrimp as my protein options. I think it’s important people know that they can be vegetarian and choose fish, eggs, and dairy products! This specific pattern is called a “pescatarian” and it’s a great lifestyle.

Bean Soup, Protein Bar, Cheese Stick, and Fruit Make a Great Lunch

There are many other things to include but these are our go-to choices for meals. We are going strong now but tend to struggle when faced with parties with limited options or checking out an amazing restaurant with tempting non-vegetarian options. We aren’t sweating it though. It’s fun and we are in it together.  Besides, my personal resolution is less stress so here’s to peace and health!

The Lost World of Dragons

I have no idea where August went but I had to make a post about The Lost World of Dragons before it’s gone as well! You still have one more weekend to check out the imaginative exhibit at Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, FL!! Fantastical yet historical, the exhibit has interactive sections that teach about dragon lore from around the world. As someone who grew up with a fascination for mythology, my inner-child was hyped and taking my own little girl just made it that much more special.

Candy Keane and I had the opportunity to set up shop for the opening night and had a blast. We shared our book, I’m Going to My First Comic Convention!, as well as some art and crafts. It was so fun being back in the convention scene again this year even though it is still a much smaller scale. We did get a bit in costume too with some medieval inspired looks and still rocked our masks.

The exhibit itself is full of interactive activites that pull you into the fantasy world with lifesize dragons that tower over you and come to life. Mythology, quizzes, and photo ops make for a fun day at the museum for all ages. Check out MOSH’s website for more details and explore this magical world this weekend while you still can!

Book Review: Wizard and the Lizard, The Magic of Marvelous Manners

Katie Reed is back with the next installment of her magical book series, Wizard and The Lizard. In this book, you meet two new characters, Mage and Page, and the four magical words that can change your life- “Please”, “Thank You”, “Excuse Me” and “Sorry”. The story starts off with the lovable main characters, Wizard and Buddy the lizard, then pulls the reader into a playful lesson about manners being like magic that can strengthen friendships. It’s a perfect way to introduce an important message that all young children should be aware of.

Wizard And The Lizard The Magic of Marvelous Manners

After reading the book, I wanted to have a little fun with the magic words we learned and talk about the importance of growth as a person and in relationships. So to drive the points home, my daughter and I picked out some flowers packets and planted them like the magic words to see them grow into something beautiful. We used recycled plastic items so we could reuse them as well.

As for the book itself, I just have to say the cover is gorgeous! After working alongside Candy Keane to illustrate our own children’s book for the first time, I’ve learned to appreciate a good font! As for the new magical stars of the book, Mage and Page, I love the color and designs for these fun characters! Illustrator, Jenna Wing-Hu drew them to be so charming. They are perfect to help teach etiquette is a fun way!

As a mother, I realize keeping our little monsters in line can be a hassle. I love books that open my little one’s eyes to vital lessons like how to be a kind and good person. The Magic of Marvelous Manners fits right in to our library and not only brings a smile to my little girl’s face but adds some magic words to her vocabulary.

Available at Amazon

Florida Shark Teeth Hunting

When most people think of Florida, the beautiful beaches are one of the first things that come to mind. People think of sand, waves, and fun in the sun. For me, the beach brings to mind one of my favorite things- shark teeth!

These ar a few of my favorite things.

Shark teeth hunting is a favorite past time shared with my family and I love teaching my daughter about all the teeth and fossils she can find! I often find people from Flordai who say they’ve never found a shark tooth. My family loves helping newbies out, and I love educating people on how they can join in. So here are my tips for finding your own teeth or fossils on your next beach trip.

Start them early.
  • Timing

You can go any time of the year which is another thing I love about shark teeth hunting.  Whether the hot summer or chilly winter, the beach can be enjoyed and the hunt is on! It’s the time of day that plays a bigger part for me. The tides switch between high and low every 6 hours. We have our best luck at low tide so try going 1-2 hours before low tide (google low tide for your beach) so the water is pulling back while you search. It gives us a wide space of sand to explore and it exposes a nice new layer of beach cleaned by the waves.

Summer or Winter, you can’t pick a bad time for beach combing.
  • Prioritize

You can occasionally find a shark tooth sitting prettily on a smooth span of empty sand, but I tend to have the best luck in the clusters of shells that gather in spots at random. No surprise, there will be thousands of shells in these groups so focus on two things.

  1. Color. Though shark teeth may come in a variety of colors (white, brown, gray, black), most are black. I focus on that color against the majority of white and tan sand and shells.
  2. Shape. Look for triangles and points. If you have not noticed, teeth are pointy! Narrowing your search to black triangles will hopefully help look for the tooth among the shells.
  • Take it slow

There are a lot of teeth out there but they are hiding. It’s a game of Eye Spy. Take a deep breath and enjoy the sand between your toes as as you search the sand for a prize. You never know…you may find “the big one”!!

My best find so far. A broken megladon tooth on New Years Eve

Tips #1 You never know where shark teeth will show up, but you may want to try less populated areas that have had less human activity for more luck. Try a local park with beach access to explore instead of the busy beach full of spring breakers.

Might even find rare porcelain from a sunken ship??

Tip #2 Don’t forget to bring something to carry your treasures. Our family recycles old gum and mint containers which are perfect to not lose a tiny tooth you try keeping in your pocket.

Even a Starbucks cup!

As I mentioned before, besides shark teeth, you can find sting ray barbs , puffer fish mouth plates, and vertebras!

Get out there and enjoy this beautiful word! It is a wonderful way to spend quality time and teach our children something new without spending a dime! Do not forget to keep the beach clean so we can enjoy it for generations to come.

Hunt together